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Business Formation Services

If you need help setting up your business properly and fortifying it for the future, there is no one better to call than 1 Source Financial Solutions Inc. A long-standing fixture in the industry, we’re dedicated to helping clients start their businesses off on the right foot.

We provide exceptional customer service, simple concept explanations, and real-world, helpful tips that will help you steadily grow your business upward.

Set you and your business up for success today! Get legally recognized as a business with the help of our team. Get in touch at (678) 720-2993.

Set Your Business Up for Success with 1 Source Financial Solutions Inc

The business world doesn’t formally recognize your enterprise until it’s properly registered. We’re here to help you register your company and provide you with the insight you need to move forward successfully.

Registering your business is essential—it let’s the government know you’re ready to sign up for the licenses and permits you need to do business. Legally registering your business with a 1 Source Financial Solutions Inc business formation advisor means you’ll be setting yourself up to be able to pay taxes properly in the coming years.

A Good Business Foundation Avoids Future Problems

Registering your business provides legal and financial protection from liability for you as the business owner and for anyone you do business with. Liability is the state of being legally responsible for something. Properly registering your business ensures you’re legally entitled to all the commercial protections available to you and not held liable due to improper licensing or permissions.

There are many options to pick from when registering your business:

  • Sole proprietorship. This is a business owned and run by one person. Many professions can fit into this category. However, it should be noted that, unlike other business structures, you’re not considered separate from your business as a sole proprietorship. You’ll be personally liable, and your personal assets could be taken in a lawsuit.
  • Partnership. This is a way for two or more people to start a business. Partnerships can be personal, limited, or limited liability, each option distributing power differently between partners. We can go into the details when you meet with us.
  • Corporation. There are many kinds of corporations. These are entities that are separate from the owners. Like a person, corporations can have profits, taxes, and liability.
  • Cooperative. This is a business owned by the people that use it. A board of directors will run the co-op, while stockholders have a say in the direction the company moves.

As you can see, there are many options in business formation. When you come to us, you can ensure your business is set up with the optimal legal structure.

Contact Us Today for Business Formation

If incorporating a business, setting up a sole proprietorship, or entering a partnership has been on your mind lately, please get in touch. The benefits you’ll receive from working with our experts will far outweigh the initial chore of registering your business.

We’ll make the process painless, so you can get back to the fun, creative work that your business idea entails. There is no one better than 1 Source Financial Solutions Inc when it comes to company formation and other business formation services.

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